I can’t make up my mind, sorry

I’m going to come out and be honest: I deleted my previous 2 posts because I cannot make up my mind. As someone who does reviews as a hobby, they did not live up to the standards I set as a hobbyist and refuse to keep either post on my site. Whether you liked them or thought they were meh, I personally hated them with a passion. I might re-visit the subject when I’ve played enough Breath of the Wild and Nier: Automata to make a clear, concise conclusion. For now, I have no plans to discuss either game any further than I have tried to.


Changes in ‘Freebie Fridays’ and Schedule

I think this is something you may have noticed by now, but I am terrible at keeping a consistent schedule. As a result, ‘Freebie Fridays’ will no longer be every Friday – just about any Friday I think of. The rest of the time I’m not writing one, you can expect a miscellaneous and maybe a review-or-two here and there.

The issue about reviews for me is simple: I don’t buy new games that often. I have a big wishlist, but right now I don’t have the time, money, and effort to go through that wishlist and buy every game in it to review them. You can expect reviews whenever I feel like writing them, which might not be often, but don’t expect more modern games (like, from this year or a few months ago or something like that).